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Amvix Network Consulting
Telephone: 2236-0300
E-mail: jsandi@amvix.com
Website: http://www.amvix.com
Full Technology
Telephone: 2263-1461
E-mail: soporte@fulltechnology.com
Website: http://www.fulltechnology.com
FusionWorks IT
Telephone: 2269-4680
E-mail: info@fusionworkscr.com
Website: http://www.fusionworkscr.com
Intechcenter Information Technology Center
Telephone: (506) 2551-8387
E-mail: hellen@intechcenter.com
Website: http://www.intechcenter.com
Laboratorio Mac
Telephone: 2257-4820 / 2221-8709
E-mail: laboratoriomaccr@gmail.com
Website: http://www.laboratoriomac.com
MultiSystems, Inc.
Telephone: (506) 8861-7342
E-mail: sales@multisystems.com
Website: http://www.multisystems.com
PC Service
Telephone: 6051-3328
E-mail: cristhian@pcservicecr.com
Website: http://www.pcservicecr.com
Website: http://www.periconsolutions.com
Plasma Solutions
Telephone: 8579-9252
E-mail: info@plasmasoluciones.com
Website: https://www.plasmasoluciones.com
XCELAR Solutions
Telephone: (506) 4000-1957
E-mail: info@xcelarsolutions.com
Website: http://www.xcelarsolutions.com

Home >> Service companies >> IT Services

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